📺 What I Learned from Korean Dramas - Pt.2

Can you believe we're entering the last month of 2019? I can't believe how fast it passed!
It also marks the end of my 2nd year of k-drama obsession...And I managed to make my sister watch 2 of them with me! I don't know about you, but I call it a SUCCESS!

If you missed last year's semi-serious reflections about k-drama, you can check it out HERE; today's post is going to be a bit similar, pointing out all the similitudes you're more than likely to find in every series, so let's just dive in!
South Korea's population is of more than 50 million people
with the only city of Seoul reaching more than 10 million inhabitants, so it's only LOGIC the lead protagonists are either linked to one another by some past events or already know each other by the time the story begins. 
Obvious examples of the former are "Cinderella & 4 Knights" and "The Last Empress", where the protagonists' paths crossed through their respective parents or like in "She Was Pretty" or "He Is Psychometric" for the latter case.

The Hospital Scene
It doesn't matter what k-drama genre you're watching: it could be a melodrama, a thriller or a historical, one thing will always be the same: someone is going to get injured (more or less seriously) and is going to end up in a hospital bed. 
Single room, because in Dramaland even if you're poor you're going to get the VIP suite. 
You don't believe me? Just watch 'W', 'The Secret Life of My Secretary' and 'Suspicious Partner'. 

● the unmissable Make Over
Jin Ki Joo Makes A Drastic Visual Transformation In “The Secret Life Of My Secretary”
Usually, the rich heir of some fancy conglomerate (called 'chaebol') falls in love with the poor but hardworking girl and to make her suit more HIS style, he literally DRAGS her to a mall and buys basically anything HE likes. Just as it happened in "High Society" or "Noble, My Love".
Or it could be the female protagonist who decides she needs to change and goes voluntarily under an exterior-changing makeover, like in "She Was Pretty".
NOTE - 90% of the time is the girl who changes, marking how sexist Korean society still is.

● the Playground 
when I visited Seoul I passed by one or two playgrounds and they immediately felt familiar because in every k-drama I've watched there's always a scene set there...usually, the protagonists have some deep conversations on the swings or use them to exercise since they're so well equipt...whatever the occasion may be, the playground is a must!

● the Series Inception
While you were sleeping:
References to other k-dramas aren't rare, whether they be subtle or not. An example? In "Man To Man" and "Touch Your Heart" protagonists remake some of the most famous scenes from "Descendants of the Sun" while in "Rich Man" the lead couple watches an episode of "While You Were Sleeping".
Actors and actresses are no strangers to cameos or guest appearances as well: the protagonists of "Doctors" appear in "While You Were Sleeping" or Lee Joon Gi has a short part in IU's hit show "Hotel del Luna". The couple worked together in “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo”

Learning Korean with dramas...it's a thing!
After two years, and with over 40 series watched, even a goldfish would have learned some Korean phrases and words by now...these listed below are the most used in k-dramas!

● Jinjja (진짜 ) or Jeongmal (정말) - it means really and can be used in multiple expressions like: 
- wow, this cake is really good! 
- Did you hear those two broke up?
- Really?!!
Gaja (가자) it means let's go.
 Eoddeokhae (어떡해) in dramas is used to express confusion and can roughly be translated as what do I do / What can I do / What should I do?
Gwaenchanh-a (난 괜찮아) it means I'm fine/It's ok and I'm not exaggerating when I say it's an abused expression! the first you'll learn!
 Gamsahabnida (감사합니다) it means Thank you and I've learned that there are at least 2 other words to say it...😌
Arasseo (알있어) used as OK or I understand, anytime someone says it I'm always like 'Me too! I know this word!'

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And this was it for today's post! I'm really enjoying watching these series because most of them end positively and they always have the power to cheer me up even when I didn't think I needed to.

Lastly, a recap of the dramas I've watched this year and their rankings. 
You can click on the cover to read my reviews.
I'm still planning to watch a few more before the year ends, so look forward to those!

5 out of 5
File:Mr. Sunshine-P1.jpg

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K-dramas I've watched but didn't reviewed are:
● She Was Pretty (2015) 
● Top Management (2018)

Ph: asianwiki.com, mydramalist.com & soompi.com

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