📺 Korean Tv Series Review: Rich Man (리치맨)

Rich Man is the first K-Drama I've watched that's not an original script, instead is a remake of a 2012 Japanese movie (which also had a sequel in 2013).
Fun Fact: lead protagonist here (Suho) is not just an actor, but a member of K-Pop group EXO. Apparently is common for K-Pop singers to also pursue acting career (like this guy HERE, HERE and HERE, Park Hyung-sik, who's member of ZE:A).

Lee Yoo Chan and Min Tae Joo are friends and business partner, owners of IT company NEXT IN. Yoo Chan is the IT genius (and CEO) behind the first success of the company, while Tae Joo is Vice President and the go-to man when it comes to sell the product. He's also the only one who seems to bear with Yoo Chan's rude personality and prosopagnosia, a disease that makes him unable to recognize faces.
On the day of the interviews for a new member of the staff, a sweet, naive but positive spirited girl showed up. Kim Bo Ra is about to graduate from college and isn't very sure about what type of job she's looking for. She has an excellent memorizing mind, but she keeps on been rejected at every interview she takes, so when she applies for Next In position and is made fun of by Yoo Chan she just can't stand anymore and lies, saying her name is Yoo Chan's past love interest.

When and how did Bo Ra meet the girl? Where is she now and why isn't she reply to Yoo Chan's constant messages?

Mysteries (and unavoidable dramas) aside, another character soon pops in to cause even more chaos between them two: Min Tae-Ra, Vice President's younger sister, talented art gallery owner and, frankly, the most resolute girl I've ever seen in a K-Drama: she knows what she wants and she's going for it...in this case, Yoo Chan's attentions and, ultimately, affection.

My Opinion👍👎
Unfortunately I have to say this drama didn't got me as I thought it would: actors and scenographies are good, but I feel like the story had more potential than showed and the parallel stories were not so interesting, Min Tae-Ra's above all. 
One thing I liked and had not seen in any other drama was Min Tae Joo's tranformation from being the "good guy" (almost a father figure for employees at Next In) turning bad and vendicative when it was clear that Leoo Yoo  Chan's stubbornness and arrogance was going to put everything they've been working so hard for in danger. 

Ranking: 2/5

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