[Irish Week] Movies and Tv Series filmed in Ireland, but NOT set in Ireland

If you're a cinephile then Ireland is the place for you...thanks to its various landscapes and territories it's perfect for every movie and Tv series genre: comedies, action movies, thrillers and historical too. Maybe what you don't know is that they filmed there quite a number of movies, but pretended to be in another country and, in a case, in a whole different...galaxy!

Penny Dreadful - shot in famous spots in Dublin (like Dublin's Castle), some filming were also in Co.Wicklow, but Showtime hit show is supposed to be set in London during Victorian age.
Game of Thrones - For Winterfell set, the show has been shot in Co.Down and Co.Antrim. (Northern Ireland) as well as in Belfast indoor sets.
An Klondike (Dominion Creek) - filmed in Connemara, is about 3 Irish brothers who emigrate in Yukon (westernmost Canada federal territories) during Klondike gold rush.
Star Wars The Force Awakens - the last scene where Rey and Finn seek for Luke Skywalker to come back from his self inflicted exile and find him on a lonely island...that is Skellig Michael, an island in the south west area of Ireland.
King Arthur - the 2004 movie is, by title, about the legendary King and his round table knights. King Arthur is one of Britain's most famous kings, and yet the movies was shot in Co.Wicklow and Powerscourt
Harry Potter and the Half blood Prince - the adventures of the famous wizard in the 6th movies were shot in co.Clare and Co.Kerry, Cliff of Moher and Skelling island.
Braveheart - this movie is probably know worldwide as the story of a Scottish patriot...to recreate Scotland's landscapes they shot partly in Co.Wicklow and Co.Meath.

This were just to name a few, but there are so many more movies...like "Marley & Me", when the protagonist go on their belated honeymoon in Ireland. The hotel is real and is in Connemara, Co.Galway.
Or "P.S. I Love  You", part of it has been shot in County Wicklow.

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