Sunday, August 30, 2015

Eleanor Tomlinson vs Kris Jenner

And we are again! Actresses, singers and celebrities seem to adore italian designer duo Dolce&Gabbana and their flowery Spring/Summer 2015 dresses. 
As a proof of that, today we have British actress Eleanor Tomlinson "against" American reality star Kris Jenner.
Eleanor wore this dress in its light blue version first, on the red carpet of the the Glamour Women Of The Year Awards event in London early this June. Kris wore it in August at the grand opening of the Williams-Sonoma Store in Calabasas, California.

While Eleanor style it with a messy high bun and matched red shoes and purse, Kris kept it a bit more "sporty" with those round sunglasses.

I'm going to vote for Eleanor, I think she worked the dresses and look better!

Who do you think wore it better:
Eleanor Tomlinson or Kris Jenner?

Photo credits: for Eleanor & for Kris

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Sam Rollinson vs Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden

A royal WWIB today! This summery floral Polo Ralph Lauren dress has been worn by not an "ordinary" celebs, but Crown Princess of Sweden herself. Let's take a look!
Actually, the first who wore it was model Sam Rollinson in June, while posing with Charlotte Wiggins at the Vogue and Ralph Lauren Wimbledon event.
Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden wore it last week for meeting 20 New York based UN ambassadors, to discuss climate related problems.

Both of them kept the look quite minimal, without flashy jewelries or elaborated hairstyles. 
Sam combined the dress with a bright pink clutch and turquoise sandals, while Victoria had an updo hairstyle and simple earrings.

Who do you think wore it better:
Sam Rollinson or Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden?

Photo credits: for Victoria & for Sam

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Get Her Look: Kerry Washington' Style

Early this February, American actress Kerry Washington attended "The Limited Collection inspired by Scandal" event in California.
She walked the red carpet in a stunning Dolce&Gabbana pois dress and styled it with beautiful minimalist accessories and a simple hairstyle as well.

Pois have been a signature in Dolce&Gabbana's creations lately and if you want to copy their and Kerry's outfit, here's my pick.
This Coast dress has lager pois than Kerry's one and you can style it as she did (with black and with pumps) but I would've rather chosen a brighter color, maybe red or blue.

Let me know what you think and how would you style this dress!

Photo credits: &

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Novel Of The Week: All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

Different covers - same book: the American one vs the Italian's

Theodore "Theo" Finch and Violet Markey have nothing in common, to be honest they're barely aware of each other's existence; they only go to the same high school. 
How is it possible that two people so different meet on the school's rooftop with the same "aim" (to get over with their lives)?

Somehow, Finch manages to persuade Violet from jumping and makes the people think that it was SHE that persuaded him from jumping, instead.
As a "payback", the two have a geography project to work on together: explore the State of Indiana in order to appreciate it more, so when they'll be leaving for college they'll remember from where they come from.

Finch and Violet start to know each other and Finch is able to help her dealing with the reasons that brought her on the roof top in the first place. Violet also is trying to help him, but his reasons and problems are deeper and more radicate in him...

What I liked
Even if the topic of this book is far far away from being an happy one (read: teenage suicides), the author developed it in a cheerful and optimistic way, making two very different people to meet and comprehend each other. 
What I did not like
There's actually nothing I didn't like about this novel, if we're talking about the grammatic part of the synopsis and story development. I hated the male protagonist's parents: an absent and naive mother and a brutal and egoist father...and sometimes I couldn't stand Theo as well. I can't imagine how hard is to deal with depression, but if everybody around you is willing to help, why not take it?

The finale is incredible and unpredictable: this made me love this novel even more! It's painful, heart melting and the characters are perfect in their imperfect way; they're fun, carefree and deep all at once. For me this book is a MUST READ!

My Vote:  9/10