🎬 Movie Review: My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday (ぼくは明日、昨日のきみとデートする)

Today I want to talk about another Japanese filmology's hidden gem: My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday is a 2016 novel based movie and it's a lot more than the romcom it appears to be...
Likewise "Your Name", this movie doesn't bother to explain the reasons why certain things happen, but it focuses more on how the protagonists deal with the reality they get to live.
Tomorrow I Will Date With Yesterday's You
Takatoshi Minamiyama is a Kyoto University Art student, very shy and talented. On morning, on the same ol' train heading to school, he spots Emi Fukuju, a beautiful and smiley girl...needless to say, he falls for her instantly. Gathering all the courage he has, Takatoshi follows her, introduces himself in the clumsiest way ever, but Emi doesn't seem to care and they promise to meet again the following day.
Thanks to his friend, Shoichi Ueyama, Takatoshi well organized date with Emi is a success and the two decide to become a couple.

What follows is the normal life of two young people who are starting to know each other, even if Emi is enigmatic and sometimes has strange behaviors...
After spending the night together, Takatoshi finds Emi's journal and, out of curiousity, starts reading it: she wrote down everything about their relationship, which should be no surprise if it wasn't for the dates...organized from future to past and with all the details about things that still have to happen! 
Emi is now forced to share the truth with Takatoshi: she comes from a parallel world, where things are experienced backwards; long story short his future is her past and vice versa. 
Their parallel worlds collide every 5 years for one month only and, since they're both 20 years old now, this is their only chance for pursuing a reletionship. Next time they'll see each other, he will be 25 years old and she'll be 15 and so on...

Initially Takatoshi is shattered about the news and starts to act distant when out on a date with Emi; but, after thinking about it, he decides to keep on seeing her no matter what, because by then he's completely in love with her.
On their last day together, Takatoshi draws a portrait of Emi and tells her all about their story, since for her it's the first day they meet. After that, Emi simply disappears.

They'll see each other again through time, 'till the day when it will be Emis turn to grow old and Takatoshi will rejuvenate.

My Opinion👍👎
This is actually the first Japanese movie I watched that's entirely set in Kyoto and not the well known Tokyo...it's good to change surroundings every now and then!
If you want a slow paced but emotional movie, well…look no further than here. This “impossible” love story is well constructed and portrayed, it’s simple yet filled with mystery and visionary hipotesis on parallel realities.
Flawless and intense, it's not hard to keep up with the plot's concept, but it's one of those movie were you have to pay attention 100%.
If you liked "About Time" or "The Time Traveler's Wife" and are a romance/sci-fiction genre fan, you will surely appreciate!

Ranking: 5/5

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