🌍Stairway(s) to Heaven - USA vs China

At the opposite sides of the world, two very different countries have at least one thing in common: a way that leads to heaven! 
Obviously, I don't mean it LITERALLY, but these two places are so majestic and breath taking that all you can do is sit there in wonder!
Oahu, Hawaii, USA
The famous "Stairway to Heaven" (Haʻikū Stairs) in Oahu, Hawaii is a must visit if you're the hiking and adventurous kind of tourist: an hiking trail made of nearly 4 thousands steps, along Ko'olau mountain.
Built in 1943 with wooden steps, a part of those have been replaced in the mid-1950s with metal steps and ramps. The place shut down to public in 1987, but people never stopped ignoring the prohibition and hiked their way up to the top, were a radio station is located.
The steps have been repaired back in 2003, but there's actually no intention to re open the trail.
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Zhangjiajie, Hunan region, China
While Haʻikū Stairs are human made, Tianmen Mountain, is an unique natural arch, located in Tianmen Mountain National Park in China. The easiest way to get there is: taking the 7.5km skytram (it appears to be the world's longest) and then a bus ride will take you at the base of the 999 steps that separete you from the "Heaven's Gate"
At the skytram arrival you can both go directly to the bus stop or take a walk on the Glass Skywalk, called the "Coiling Dragon Cliff", it's suggestive and something you don't get to do very often!
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Pretty impressive, uh?

Let me know if you visited these places or are now on your traveller bucket list...anyway stay tuned for this month Irish Week, since there's something similar in Ireland as well!

Photo credits: journeyera.com & everplaces.com

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