🎬 Movie Review: Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

Yemeni sheikh Muhammed has an unusual passion for salmon fishing, reason why he has a propriety in Scotland, where its rivers are inhabited by these fishes. He also loves his country and so he decides to import sport fishing in Yemen.
For the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office this is a great opportunity to improve relations between the UK and the Islamic world, so they do everything they can to make this project happen: they hire fisher expert Alfred Jones and, along with financial adviser Harriet Chetwode-Talbot, they have to plan the task in a financial and realistic perspective.
Alfred isn't thrilled like everybody else about this project: he thinks it's unachievable and, frankly, foolish, but has no option rather than accepting the job and working on it.
Alfred can be rude and uncompromising, while Harriet sees the project like an opportunity to do something great.
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The protagonists private lives are messy, to say the least: Harriet's boyfriend is a soldier and appears to be M.I.A. while Alfred's wife is a cold woman, focused only on her and her job. 
So, despite a certainly not idyllic start, they both will join forces to make salmon fishing in the Yemen a success they can be proud of.

My Opinion👍👎
The movie starts a bit slow and Alfred's obstructionism makes it difficult to fully appreciate it from the beginning. But after he's forced to join the project and begins to see how marvelous would it be if they actually can make it happen, the story gets a whole new vibe: it goes from grey and drizzly London to the beautiful and lush Scottish Highland's landscapes to hot and sandy Yemeni desert.
Sheikh Muhammed's character spreads mysticism and optimism, without losing sight on reality: he knows the project is challenging (to say at least) but he has faith in the people who work for him and in the final success.
Kristin Scott-Thomas is Prime Minister irreverent press secretary and sees political opportunities everywhere...you cannot dislike her!

Conclusions? This is a movie you'll want to see again, it warms your heart up!

Would I pay the full prize ticket? Yes, I would have payed the full prize, it is worth it!

Ranking: 4

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