🎬 Movie Review: A Silent Voice (聲の形)

Risultati immagini per 聲の形 A Silent Voice

Shoya Ishida is the avarege elementary school boy, he likes to play with his friends and has a lovely family. Someday a new alumn comes into Ishida's class and she's not an ordinary one: it's Shoko Nishumiya, a deaf girl, who interacts with people by writing on her notebook.

Risultati immagini per 聲の形
Soon, she becomes Ishida's and and his friends targer for their pranks, but Ishida is just the worst: he steals her notebook, waters her with the water pump, writes awful things on the class blackboard...till he reaches the lowest point: he rips with force Shoko's ears implants, several times. 
The girl, who's kind hearted and nice, tries her best to deal with the bullies and become friends with Ishida, but at some point she's retired from school and he will not see her for a long time.

A Silent Voice Bullying
Years have gone by and now it's Ishida who's bullied; to say it better, he's isolated from his highschool classmates and, even if it's a great cause of suffer, he doesn't do much to change things, thinking that he deserves every bad look or rumor about him because of how he treated Shoko in the past. He's a 'lone wolf' and also thought about taking his life, but eventually thought it back.
A Silent Voice full cast
Beside becoming friends with a classmate, Ishida's life is pretty much the same everyday, until he coincidentally runs into Shoko and sees it as the begging of his journey to redeem himself from the hurt he caused her when they were younger.
Ishida and Shoko will meet again with other former classmates, whom have been openly cruel to her (or just watched on the other side), making the healing process a bit more challenging...

My Opinion👍👎
This isn't an easy movie to watch: it's hard to comprehend why Ishida is behaving the way he does and it deals with deep and, unfortunately, daily topics, like bullism and teenage suicide; for these reasons, I would suggest the view to everybody, because the protagonists are normal people with normal lives, even so they have to answer to actions they made in the past.
Even if it's not a sad movie (SPOILER: nobody dies), 'A Silent Voice' is hard to watch and will leave you in the end with a massime weight on your chest, but it also has positive messages: you CAN change yourself for the better, you CAN fix your past mistakes and, with supportive and loyal friends by your side, you don't have to do this alone.

Would I pay the full prize ticket? This movie was a special event in Italian theathres as it was aired for just 2 days: I paid the full prize ticket and, whether I don't think it was entirely worth it, I don't regret it that much.

Ranking: 4/5

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