📖Novel of The Week: Unfiltered by Lily Collins

Lily Collins autobiographical book is a collection of stories of important moments of her life; she won't start with "I was born in England on...". Nope: from her signature eyebrows to her relationship with both her parents to more difficult moments and hard times, she's spilling everthing out with a simple, natural style and a masside dose of optimism in future!

The book itself is fairly short, but that doesn't mean is going to be a smooth read: I was aware of her eating disorders, but reading the whole story was eye-opening. As so it was reading about her mixed feelings for her father Phil Collins and another particular chapter of her life, that I'm not goign to spoil.

Thankfully for her (and for us readers as well!) there're happy moments too: the incredible connection between Lily and her mom, the stories behind her tattoos and how she keeps herself motivated and positive.

By reading interviews, articles and the book, Lily's purpose is pretty clear: to make others see that life and people aren't perfect, so it's pointless trying to reach that unreachable goal. Yet, it's better to focus on improving ourselves, making the most out of what we have and never stop beliving in ourselves.

I would recommend to buy the ebook or audible version, since the only thing I didn't like of this book was the price!😂

Photo credit: goodreads.com

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