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Dunkirk has been THE highly anticipated MOVIE of this summer, it costed $100 million and in 1 month was able to collect $460 million worldwide.

The story is based on real events that took place on the beach of Dunkerque, France, from May, 27th to June, 4th 1940.
Thousands and thousands of Brithis soldiers waited for day on the French shore for the navy ships to come and rescue them: British troops (along with Franco-Belgian forces) had been surrounded by the German army, so the only way was by sea.
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The movie doesn't have a proper protagonist, if follows the events thanks to multiple POVs: from senior officials and simple soldiers (almost all of them were young boys) to the RAF aviators that protected them from Luftwaffe attacks and the sailors/boat owners who bravely went through the war zone to bring them home.

My Opinion👍👎
Critics and movie reviewers went crazy for it, saying it is the best "war movie" of all time, Christopher Nolan is a visionary and stuff like these...At some point, I thought they were going to praise every single person who worked in this movie!
What I liked I about Dunkirk was that it taught me something I didn't know about WWII and it portrayed well how stressful and critic the situation was: two of the protagonist try everything to get away from that beach.
What I didn't like was the editing, it made the storyline impossible to follow: in one scene we're on the beach with Kenneth Branagh, talking to his subordinate about when ships should come; the next one we're with Tom Hardy and Jack Lowden (RAF pilots) talking tactics for the imminent Luftwaffe attack and so on...some may argue that this way the movie is more engagins, I say it is just messy!

Christopher Nolan is a great director and the movie wasn't that bad, but I don't think is the greatest war movie of all times and, if I have to be completely honest, I liked movies like Fury or Full Metal Jacket or Platoon more.

Would I pay the full prize ticket? Not at all, the discout price was already enough!

My Rancking: 2¾/5

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