👘[Japanese Week] Movie Review: Tokyo Fiancée

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The protagonist's name is Amelie and she was born in Japan from Belgian parents, who eventually decided to go back in Europe when she was only 5 years old. But Japan remained dear to Amelie and so she moved back in Tokyo when she turned 20.
Amelie's goal is to become a successful writer and in the meantime has to attend Japanese language classes, so in her spare time she decides to give French lessons. That's how she met Rinri.
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Rinri is quite, introvert and really shy at first, but as the two of them keep on having lessons meetings it turns out he has peculiar interests, like watching only Jakuza themed movies...anyway, he's very fond of Amelie and treats her with respect and kindness. 
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As the title itself, they start to date and while Japanese uses and cultures are particular, Amelie as well is one of a kind: she cares a lot about her independence, is reluctant about showing Rinri her feelings and sometimes avoids him for day, planning an hiking trip on the mountains alone. To complicate even more the situation, after a getaway together, Rinri askes Amelie to marry him...
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My Opinion👍👎
This movie is way too weird for my tastes, it's a mix of pseudo-philosophical reflections and a way to show a Japan between traditions and gothic subculture. I don't think this is a movie for everyone to see, but it shows a country that's not only videogames gadgets and sushi. Anyway, scenographies are interesting and it follows the adventures and struggles of a western girl that wants to fit so badly in a country that she loves so much, but with a completely different culture!
If you're lover of French/Belgian style movies, this one is for you!

Would I pay the full prize ticket? 
I don't think so, I'm glad I watched it when aired on TV.

Ranking: 2/5 

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