👘[Japanese Week] Learning Japanese with Youtube & Apps!

Learning Japanese can be challenging, specially when you first approach to it: it has a complete different style of writing and symbols have multiple meanings, depending on where you put them!
I'm old style when it comes to learning languages: I like to have a teacher who's explaining me the basics and the pronounce, but ain't nobody got time for that, right?

Thank God, there are various apps (both for smartphones and computers) that can help you learning Japanese, or any other language! Let's start!

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Youtube is more than kitties funny videos. I use it for movie trailers, book reviews and sometimes also to understand how to set up something on my smartphone or on the iPad...so it's no surprising that it has lots of people sharing their tips & tricks on how studing and learning Japanese. All you have to do is type "how I learned Japanese" and you'll get dozens of videos of people explaining it to you.
Now, you may want to select people who actually live or lived in Japan (or Japanese people directly) so you'll know those study methods are effective...these are the people I personally follow:

Japanese Ammo with Misa - HERE
Rachel and June - HERE
Orangetummy - HERE
Kimdao - HERE

Tandem - Speak Any Language
This app allows you to talk and write to people from different parts of the globe that speak the language you want to learn and vice versa: a great way to meet new people and practice with your writing, which is as much important as being able to talk.

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Same thing as Tandem, HelloTalk is more about being correct from native speakers. It counts more than 100 languages!

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Italki is like having a personal teacher ready whenever you have time. This app connects students with proper teachers, scheduling the lessons based on your necessites. Since the professors are graduated and trained as so, this is the only app of the list that requires to pay the teachers.

Now you have all the tools to start learning Japanese...or whatever language you prefer!!

Just to clarify: I wasn't paid by any of these companies to promote their apps or services, it's just a list of things I personally use to learn and meet people all around the world!

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