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In the past years, there's been a lot of books adaptations: whether they were comic books (Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, but also Superman, Batman and so on) or proper books (like Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Twilight, Da Vinci code ecc.). Not to mentions videogames adaptations like the Resident Evil saga...
Well, be prepared! because in the next few moths we'll be flooded with movies based on books. Here some of them, 

The Light Between Oceans is a heart breaking novel about motherhood and relationships (with others and with your special one). Is on this set that Micheal Fassbender and Alicia Vikander fell in love.
Scheduled release date: September, 2nd (USA) 
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13 (Reasons Why) is about to become a Netflix series. The novel is about a girl who takes her own life, but previously records 13 cassette tapes and send them to the people who force her on this tragical ends. 

Selena Gomez was first thought for the protagonist's role, but declined it and decided to be the procuder.
Scheduled release date: 2016 (USA)

Miss Peregrine's home for peculiar children - I read the trilogy and found it very interesting, the style and plot are flowing and, belive me, this first book will give you goose bumps for the entire reading.
Scheduled release date: September, 30th (USA) 

Assassin's Creed - the movie is based (or better, took inspiration) from the novels, who are based themeselves on the popular videogames. We find Micheal Fassbender souls "moved" from nowdays to the XV century Spanish Inquisition in the body of one of his ancestor.
Scheduled release date: December, 21st (USA)

Inferno by  Dan Brown. After Paris and Rome, it's time for Florence to be in the spotlights! A new adventure for Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) and his new "sidekick" Felicity Jones.
Scheduled release date: October, 28th (USA) 

The Girl on the Train - this was the IT thriller last summer...Everywhere I went (and I mean really everywhere!!) I've seen people reading or talking about it, posters outside lilbraries e and even spots on tv. Let's see if the movie gets the same attention and success.
Scheduled release date: October, 7th (USA) 

So this are a few of the movies scheduled for the second half of 2016...did you read some of these books or are you waiting for the movie?

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