[Irish Week] Movie Review: Leap Year

This movie is perfect for "Irish week" and this year in general becuase it's set mainly in Ireland (groundbreaking, I know!) and 2016 has been bissextile, meaning we had an additional day to the calendar, the 29th of February...
Leap Year Movie Poster
Anna has it all: a great job in Boston as "home stager" (don't worry, they'll explain what it actually is further on in the movie) as well as a great boyfriend, Jeremy, and they’re looking for some place to live together. After an interview for an appartment in a very luxury condo, Anna meets with her naive dad and tells him she’s about to get married (a friend saw Jeremy inside a chic jewellry shop) and her dad start telling about some family Irish tradition where a girl can ask her boyfriend to marry her on a leap year….Anna states it as her father’s foolish belifes, but when she thinks Adam is about to propose, she has her hopes disregarded!
Leap Year
Jeremy leaves the next day for a doctor convention in Dublin and so Anna decides to follow him and surprise him by proposing herself; great plan, if it wasn’t for English/Irish weather who forces the airplane to land in Wales and with no other flights scheduled until the storm calms down. But Anna is a pretty stubborn lady and finds a way to at least get on Irish soil…in Dingle, in the South of Ireland. There she immediately meets Declan, unwelcoming owner of a shabby pub and, in one way or anothe maganes to get Declan ride her to Dublin.
As you can imagine, their trip won't be flawless: in fact, they'll have to face luggage's robbery, car malfunctions, cows blocking the way and the good old Irish weather...and a whole bunch of other annoyances. But don't worry, they'll of course manage to get to Dublin...somehow!

My Opinion
This can easly be categorized as chick lit comedy: it has no claims except that make the viewer spend a few hours laughing and enjoying these improbable serie of events and Irish landscapes, which were all added in post production, but they look good anyway! 
It's predictable how it could end, but I love re watching it every now and then because A) Matthew Goode (and I've said all!) and B) it makes you wondering how a road trip in Ireland might be.

Ranking: 2

Photo credits: impawards.com & aceshowbiz.com

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