[Irish Week] Introduction

Hello everyone!! Three days from today, last year, I was travelling to spend two month in Ireland...I loved the country, the places and the people so much I could help myself stop talking about everytime I had the chance ever since I got back...my friends and family are starting to get sick of it!
you wouldn't understand!:
However, I wanted to do something special to celebrate the time I spent there, so this week is going to be Irish themed! Books, movies, curiosities and on Sunday the weekend experience I had in Dublin, celebrating mine and my twin's birthday!

So for starting, a quick post about two Italian novels:
Il vento di Kornog by Alessia Litta, who's set in Brittany (France) &
The Tennerson Academy. Il Segreto dei Cacciatori by Cecilia Claudi, which I don't know where is set, (I think maybe England? Someone tell me!!)
but I wanted to talk about them because of their book covers...
On the left you can see a costal landscape with cliffs and a lighthouse...well, this is actually the view you'll get if you visit the Cliffs of Moher, in County Clare
Beside the lighthouse (who has been added), there's no doubt it's them!
Here, instead,  a girl sitting in front of a beautiful mansion with what could seem to be a lake. 
If you follow my Instagram, then you'll be familiar with Kylemore Abbey, in County Galway. I visited it and is an amazing view just from the outside, but if you're lucky and it is a sunny day, you definitely should pay a visit to its gardens, I've heard they're outstanding!

I hope you'll like this week's theme and if any of you is from Ireland and see any kind of mistake, let me know!
Slán leat!

Irish photo credits: www.emerald-vision.com & www.global-yurtdisiegitim.com

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