Who Wore It Best - Book Cover Edition

You know how much I love doing "who wore it better" posts…it’s super funny snooping at magazines and gossip/fashion website looking for a familiar dress. Well, I have to admit that MAYBE this thing could have gone a little further, because now I don't look only for actresses/singers etcetera etcetera...I'm doing it also with book covers!

Is no news that publishers sometimes use the same photos distributor, but I’ve seen a lot of doppelganger I couldn't resist to make a post about it… Here's to you some examples!

Lux by Courtney Cole vs The Territory by Sarah Govett vs Free Falling by Kirsty Moseley

Be my Knife by David Grossman vs Deux by Irène Némirovsky

Italian books vs International ones
Un lungo fatale ultimo addio by Velonero vs The Ruins of Lace by Iris Anthony
Il non fidanzato peggiore del mondo by Victory Storm vs Beautiful Entourage by E.L.Todd

And last (but surely not least) those book covers that are not identical, but have the same theme and/or subject...like this funny meme of Nicholas Sparks' books!
"White people almost kissing" - a book by Nicholas Sparks:
This were the few I was able to find, but I'm sure there are a lot "book twins or tripletes"...If you know some, let me know in the comments.

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