Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge vs Drew Barrymore

Same dress, worn the same day, but in two very different events and parts of the globe...Everyone reported about it and in honor of the latin figure of speech "repetita iuvant", I'll talk about it too!
The mentioned dress is an embroiedered colorful gown by Tory Burch. HRH Duchess of Cambridge wore it to attend the dinner with the King and Queen of Bhutan, as a part of the tour that took her and her husband visiting India and Bhutan. The British royal opted for her signature hair locks and double-rings gold earrings by Scottish designer Brora.
Same dress, but different time zone and event for American actress Drew Barrymore, who wore it for ASPCA 19th Bergh Ball (in her honor), in New York.
Drew as well went for a straight loose hairstyle and wore a bright red lipstick.

Who do you think wore it better:
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge or Drew Barrymore?

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