Today's Obsession: Lady Diana Spencer & HSH Princess Grace (Kelly) of Monaco

Thanks to the movie "Grace of Monaco", that opened Cannes Film Festival last May, I thought to do a comparison between two of the most influential people of the last century: Lady Diana Spencer and Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco.

They may seem to have NOTHING in common, except being the most popular princesses of all times. However, there are a few things in which Lady D and Grace Kelly were similar, starting with that both the biopics based on their lives caused a lot of press critics and indignation from their royal families!

Name: Diana Spenser or Lady Diana,Princess of Wales, Lady Di.
Date of Birth: 1 July 1961
Date of Death: 31  August 1997
Brothers/Sisters: SarahJaneCharles and Jhon (who died 10hrs after his birth)
Marriage: 29 July 1981 (religious ceremony)
Divorce: announced 9 December 1992 and effective 28 August 1996.
Children: William (1982) and Henry "Harry" (1984)
Wedding dress: by  David and Elizabeth Emanuel
the dress' train was 7,62m long. Was made of ivory silk taffeta
Movies on her life: 19, included "The Queen" (2006) and "William and Kate" (2011), where she was just nominated
Name: Grace Kelly or Grace, Princess Consort of Monaco,
Date of Birth: 12 November 1929
Date of Death: 14 September 1982
Brothers/Sisters: Margaret Katherine John Brendan, Jr. and Elizabeth Anne
Marriage: 18 April 1956 (civil ceremony)
                  19 April 1956 (religious ceremony)

Children: Caroline (1957), Albert (1958) and Stéphanie (1965)

Wedding dress: by Helen Rose, was made of 125-year-old Brussels rose point lace

Movies on her life: 2, "Grace Kelly" (1983) and "Grace of Monaco" (2014)
                                         They both had blond hair / blue eyes (I know, that's so obvious!)
                                              They both had a purse named after them!
Purse named after: Miss D(ior)
Purse named after: Kelly by Hermés
                                     Both of th Royal Highnesses were active in their respective charity
Humanitarian Commitments: she is and was famous for her engagement in campaigns against AIDS, landmines and helping homeless people.
Humanitarian Commitments: she worked a lot in carity for children's welfare
                                Both the  actresses who played them in the most recent biopics are from Australia
Actress who played her: Naomi Watts
Actress who played her: Nicolo Kidman
                                          Both Press and Royal House opinions were negatives
Press reactions: Rejected in full the Princess's idea that the movie wants to give, also Naomi's interpretation isn't entirely convincing. Even Hasnat Khan said that "the storyline is false and completely wrong.”
Royals reactions: not a word. They didn't comment.
Press reactions: They all agree that Nicole Kidman is a talented actress, but the  movie tells a story that otherwise would have some potential
Royals reactions: A Royal statement said: "The movie is too glamorours, contains historical inaccuracies and purely fictitious scenes". 
                                                 Both Diana and Grace died in a car accident
How she died: car accident in Paris, 1997
How she died: car accident in Monte-Carlo, 1982

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