Movie Review: It Boy

It Boy (2013) directed by David Moreau. With Virginie Efira, Pierre Niney, Camille Japy and Charles Berling.

The original title for this French comedy is "20 ans d'écart" (20 years less).

The male protagonist is Pierre Niney, who recently played another interesting character: Yves Saint Laurent in the same-name movie!

Alice Lantins is 38, a single parent and a workaholic. At "Rebelle", the magazine she works for, she's seen like someone stiff, all duties and never fun....In one word: predictable. 

On a flight back to Paris, Balthazar,a young boy sits next to her. When it's time to get off the airplane, she drops by mistake a pen drive and Balthazar,after a while trying reaching her, can finally give it back to her.

Two Alice's co-workers, who saw her with Balthazar, thought they were kissing thanks to a broken helmet belt and snap a picture. The day after all the office saw it. Alice's boss also saw it and said he was happy to see her taking "risky" decisions and that that would help her reaching a promotion.

So now Alice has to fake a relationship with Balthazar, but of course things like this skip out of hands quite easily.

This added to Alice's intrusive sister (who wants desperately find her a man), Alice's ex husband and Balthazar himself will make the situation hilarious and, at times, surreal!

It's a soft view, funny and will make you spend a couple of hours smiling!

Ranking : 2 ½ /5 

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