Novel Of The Week - The Maze Runner by James Dashner


The Maze Runner by James Dashner is the first novel of a trilogy composed also by "The Scorch Trials" e "The Death Cure" as well as a prequel named "The Kill Order"
Here’s the plot:
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Thomas wakes up stuck in some sort of old elevator, similar to those in the coal mines. He has no clue why and how he ended up in there, somehow his memories have been deleted!
The elevetor is going up and opens on a Glade, surrounded by high walls. All around the exit from the elevator there are a few boys, more or less the same age as Thomas and when he starts asking questions about the place, the reasons why he was brought there and similar, they look at him like he's just a stupid silly boy and refuse to answer to any of it until the next morning.
Newt and Alby, presumably the two Glade's bosses, leave Chuck, a 13 years old boy, in charge of Thomas to show him around and explain the generalities of living in the Glade.

Saying that the place is wierd is minimize: those strange walls, which were open until late afternoon, overnight close and scary and threatening sounds start. After the unpleasant meet of Gally, an arrogant and stubborn boy, Thomas finally go to sleep, hoping to wake up from what he believes is a nightmare.
Unfortunately it's not and Thomas will realiize the truth very soon: they are in a labyrinth and those who put them in there, known as Creators, fulfill with supplies, medicines and anything they need once every two weeks and send one new boy once a month.

Life in the Glade is pretty organized and the every "Gladers" has his own role; which could be cultivate the land, cook, build structures that serve as dormitories, etc. There' are also doctors and the Runners, those who everyday enter the maze and try to find a way out.
Nighttime in the maze are released scary half-animal and half-machines beings, the Grievers.

Everything start changing after Thomas' arrival. The very next day another person is sent through the elevator, but this time is a girl and has a terrific message with her: she's the last one ever. Thomas and this girl are linked in someway, even if they don't remember how and after her arrival strange things start happening...

I admit it: I read this book only because I saw that its movie will be released soon in theaters and I liked the trailer. BUT I'm glad I did because it's a very good novel. It doesn't fit in only one genre: it's an adventure/thriller/horror/futuristic kind of book.
Full of surprises, suspance and WTF moments, I couldn't stop reading it.

My vote: 8/10

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