Novel of the Week - The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Since October is "Breast cancer awareness" month, I've decided that this NOTW post is going to be about The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. Is about a teenage girl who has cancer (not breast, but it's still cancer).

Here the plot (SPOILER ALLEART!)

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Hazel's a 16 years old girl living with her parents in Indiana, U.S.A. She has been diagnosed with cancer when she was 13 and since then she goes in and out from the hospital. Her cancer's kind has no cure, but there's this drug (Phalanxifor) that can prevent it to grow.

One day, Hazel is at her support group and the minute she walked into the room, a guy (a very cute guy!) starts staring at her. At the end of the session, the guy presents himself as Augustus, (Gus). He has bone's cancer and the price for survival was the amputation of one of his legs. 
They start knowing and liking each other. Augustus makes no segret of it while Hazel's doesn't want to admit that. She knows that eventually she's going to die (in not a distante future) and she cares to much about Gus for letting him suffer for her death.

Hazel's an avid reader and her favourite novel is "An Imperial Affliction" by Peter Van Houten, it's the story of  Anna, a girl who has cancer. This novel has an open end and Hazel wants to know what happen to all the other protagonists. The author currently lives in Amsterdam and he'll answer to all Hazel's questions only if they can meet face to face. 

An international travel is off the table for Hazel's parents' finances and she already used her "wish" from the Make a Wish foundation. But Gus hasn't and he uses it to go with Hazel and her mum to Amsterdam and meet the author. When there they finally meet Van Houten, he reveals himself as an alcholist and unpleasant person...also he doesn't answer Hazel's questions. Anyway Gus tries his best the cheer Hazel up and they finally admit to themeselves that they love each other.

When they get back home Augustus reveals Hazel that his health got worst and they spent as much time together as they can. Augustus never stops to be charming and full of attention to Hazel and he shows it 'till the very end and beyond....because even after he's dead, Hazel found out he wrote back to Van Houten to ask him one last wish.

This novel is about fighting and what happend when a young girl is not so disillusioned about her future. Hazel's realistic, she knows that "the odds are not in her favour" (Hunger Games quote, yep! I know), but refuses to be a victim. She doesn't want to be remembered as "the girl with cancer" even if SHE IS a girl with cancer. She's strong, smart, sarcastic (sometimes annoying for not letting herself go) but I promise you will grow exceedingly fond to this amazing character. I cried a lot during the end, this novel is so touching and well written I didn't want it to finish!

My vote : 10/10

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