24 hours in Verona

You may know Verona as “the city of Romeo and Juliet” from Shakespeare’s drama…indeed one of the most turistic places is Juliet's House (with its famous Balcony) in via Cappello, but the beauty of the city isn’t just there. I start by saying that everything in Verona is beautiful  and, even when it’s raining, it’s like being in an Impressionist’s paint…

If you’re visiting Verona just for one day here’s my advises on what you can do and see…

Piazza Bra, near the Arena
When you think of Paris the first monument that comes through your mind is the Eiffel Tower and the same happens with London's Big Ben...When it comes to Verona, the symbol monument  is the Arena. During summertime, the lyric season takes place in it as well as some concerts during the rest of the year. There’s the chance to visit the inside with a guide tour, but it’s also beautiful only the outside. 

entering Verona centre
Nearby the Arena, there’s the most important and crowed street of all Verona, via Mazzini. It’s the shopping street, there are the fast fashion shops like Berska and Zara but also Max&Co., Intimissimi, 1st Class  Alviero Martini ecc.

At the end of via Mazzini you can go left and find Piazza delle Erbe,  a very charming square surrounded by cafès. If you decide to go right there’s Juliet’s house with the famous balcony.

Juliet's Balcony and House
Piazza Erbe view from Torre dei Lamberti, another turistic spot
Ponte Pietra
Verona is crossed by the river  Adige and there’re 15 brigdes that connect the two sides of the city. Two of them are Ponte Pietra (literally, Stone Bridge) and ponte di Castelvecchio. There’re actually nothing to see on those bridges but they are very picturesque and you can see some beautiful spots of other parts of Verona.

My favourite monument in Verona is the Roman Theatre. It's an open air theatre made of huge concentric stone steps. The theatre is near the hill so these steps are inclined. I like it because, every summer, take place the representations of Shakespeare’s dramas. From the theatre there is a stairway that goes up to the hill and by night the view is breathtaking!!  
On Verona’s hills there’s the Sanctuary dedicated to Holy Mother of Lourdes, where you can also enjoy a magnifique view as well as pray in it.
On the hills, there's the  Sanctuary!
Even if it's better to visit a city during spring or summer, when the weather supposed to be good, I can assure you that Verona is beautiful anyway. During autumn and winter there are a lot of event, like Verona's traditional street games (Tocatì) and painting exhibitions.

Song of the Day : Fireflies by Owl City

A special “thank you” is own to my kind and talented friend Giulia Nicoli. The photos in this post (except Juliette’s balcony) were realized by her. How fantastic are they?? Grazie Giulia!

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