Movie Review : Paris-Manhattan

Paris-Manhattan (2012) by  Sophie Lellouche. With  Alice TaglioniPatrick BruelMarine  and Delterme Louis-Do de Lencquesaing.


Alice Ovitz is a pharmacist in Paris and she has always been the "outsider" in her family, while her sister Hélène is the perfect daughter. During her early years was introduced to and fell in love with Woody Allen's films. 

On night she and her sister are at a party and Alice meets Pierre. As they are about to go out to get some fresh air, Alice' sister  walks by and Pierre falls in love instantly withe her. At first, Alice's pissed but eventually she calms down...

On Alice's bedroom wall hangs a huge poster of Woody Allen, with whom she has long night conversations, and he talks back to her through excerpts of dialogue from his films.


Ten years go by. Alice has taken over her father's pharmacy after he retired, her sister is long married toPierre and the poster still hangs over the bed. 
Alice's father keeps stealing her business cards in order to find her an husband and gives them to every man he meets. One night, at a party he meets Victor. He builds security systems that are so imaginative and wierd,but they work. So Alice's father hires him for building a security sistem for the pharmacy. As the time goes he and Alice start to know each other, but it's not love at first sight at all! 
They have some ups and downs while there are some events that came across....

After a fight with Alice, Victor is called from an hotel where a guest is trapped in his room. The door won't open, but Victor is able to fix it. And the guest happens to be no one else but WOODY ALLEN! He's late for his flight, but Victor convinces him to stay a little more in order to meet Alice. He calls her, but she arrives late...Victor gets mad with her, but Alice surprises him, kissing him. In the mean time Woody Allen gets back to the hotel, sees the couple and tell her that she's a lucky woman, Victor is a great guy!

I didn't like too much Alice's character...she's too tough and uncompromising. For her it's only black or white....But I enjoyed this movie so much...maybe because I'm a pharmacist-to-be and I love Allen's movie like the protagonist does, maybe because it's set in Paris. It's carefree, 

Raking : 3/5


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