📺 Korean Tv Series Review: Noble, My Love (고결한 그대)

Likewise Americans Tv series episodes, Koreans Dramas' as well can be either 1-hour or 20 minutes long and Noble, My Love is the latter category.
This 20 episodes series is really engaging and I'd recommended it to be one of the first series to watch if you'd like to start with K-Dramas. 
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Lee Kang Hoon is a wealthy young manCEO of D.O.L, a famous corporation, and the best bachelor still available, but he also has an icy personality and doesn't let his personal feelings (if he has any) guide him in any kind of choice. Completely opposite to that we have lovely and smiley veterinarian Cha Yoon Seo; she had to face lots of difficulties in order to open her own animal hospital...actually it's a mystery (to her as well) how she's keeping up with all the payments, since she's still struggling financially, but that didn't affect her positive attitude.
Such different worlds shouldn't meet, not even by chance, and yet...one night, Kang Hoon is kidnapped and he's able to escape thanks to his abductors inseperience, but gets stabbed in the attempt; Yoon Seo finds him lying on the street, almost unconscious and, even if scared, takes him to her clinic and stitches the wound. 
The next day, Kang Hoon leaves the hospital, but writes a note to Yoon Seo with his phone number so he can reward her...the note get lost and so she just assumes she was a jerk. 
Being ignored is something Kang Hoon isn't familiar with so after a few days he goes back to the hospital and asks Yoon Seo what her price is: she charges only for the medications and, seeing that she won't take advange of the fact that she saved him and he's rich, he offers Yoon Seo a brand new and more luxurious hospital, but in excanche she has to pretend to be his girlfriend so that his mom will stop to bother him by setting blind dates.
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Of course this is just a pretext to spend more time with her, but given the fact that he's colder than ice, he doesn't know how to show his feelings and the only thing he can come up with is the Korean (and family friendly) version of "50 shade of Grey"...🙈 
Yoon Seo herself isn't quite sure on how to deal with her feelings and her jealous friends and her first love won't make it any easier for her...

My Opinion👍👎
The common factor in every K-Drama I've seen so far is the presence of a sassy and sarcastic secretary: it seems like that whenever you have a severe and harsh CEO, there has to be the "fairy godassistant" that lights up the situation.
Yoo Seo is too nice for her own good, and sometimes is also way too condescending and submissive, but what I loved about her character is her willingness to make it with her own skills and the fact that she's not afraid of hard work: these are very admirable qualities, so it's no surprise that even a cold-hearted person like Kang Hoon eventually falls for her.

Its point of strength is the script: every episode is concentrated in less than 20 minutes, but that doesn't mean that the story is rushed or some details gets lost on the way. The story is funny and runs smoothly 'til the last 3 episodes, when the coming of a new character will finally makes us understand why Kang Hoon has built a wall all around his heart and whether if Yoon Seo is going to be able to change that or not...

Ranking: 3

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