📺 Korean Tv Series Review: Cinderella and the Four Knights (신데렐라와 네 명의 기사)

It's Cinderella turns to save the Prince(s)!
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The story centers on bright, but pennyless student Eun Ha Won, whose life's goal is to get into college and become a teacher, as her late mother would have wanted. In order to achieve that she restlessly works as many part-time jobs as she can, so she can be financially able to afford it, since her father is always away for work and her stepmother treats her like a servant in her own home.
The "Four Knights" of the title are no other than the heirs of a very important company in Korea: lone-wolf and still holding own to his (very sad) past Kang Ji Woon, carefree playboy Kang Hyun Min and Kang Seo Woo, who's quite a successful singer. The three of them are cousins but cannot stand each other, having their families always put them against one another in order to inherit the company.
The fourth is Lee Yoon Sung, who's Chairman Kang secretary and man of trust when it comes to deal with the boys.
Due to some coincidences, Eun Ha Won gets hired by Chairman Kang as a live-in help for the cousins: she has 3 months to make a family out of them...given the fact that they'd rather prefer to get to each other's troats, the job is as near as a mission impossible, but she accepts anyway.
Things are challenging at first, but step by step Eun Ha Won's exuberance and positive attitude manage to infiltrate the Kang's cousins hearts...which will lead to a very long series of misunderstandings with Park Hye Ji, a talented fashion enthusiast young girl, who's Kang Hyun Min longtime friend and has always been in love with him.
Since love triangles are so out-dated, in this series we have the love quadrangle as well as some other plot twists that I'd have never predict, adding big question marks at the end of every episode.

My Opinion👍👎
The reason behind the title is still a mystery to me: the similarities with the classic "Cinderella" story end with the presence of an awful stepmother and evil and childish stepsister. The female protagonist is a strong young girl, who can keep up with the heirs stubborn personalities but is also kind, even if life hasn't been with her. 
This series took the "drama factor" very seriously and very literally: the characters backgrounds are the saddest ever and even if the three heirs have anything (and beyond) anybody could ever wish for, deep down they're miserable and hold on grudge against their grandfather, whom they blame as the ultimate responsible about their families turn-outs. 
Embarassing and hilarious situations will compensate for all this seriousness, but anyway I really appreciated this story as a bit more complicated than the average K-Dramas and, even if the basis of it are really down to Earth and not at all glamorous, the overall result is enjoyable and intriguing.

Ranking: 4½

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