🎬 Movie Review: Murder on the Orient Express

This is my last movie review of 2017 and I'm so glad it's a highly positive one! 
I've never read the book nor I've seen the 1974's movie, so my thoughts are entirely and only based on Kenneth Branagh's version.
Murder on the Orient Express Movie Poster
Belgian detective Hercule Poirot has just solved a theft case in Jersusalem and is in Istanbul, longing for a well-deserved vacation, when he's asked to reach England to solve another crime. Poirot is then forced to travel on the Orient Express and, while adjusting his things in his cabin, he gets to meet interesting (and frankly sinister) passengers, like Mr.Ratchett, an art trader, who gets killed the following night. 
Since the train gets stuck by an avalache, Poirot is in charge of the investigations, which will lead to uncover the lies and real indentities of most of the passengers... 

My Opinion👍👎
Kenneth Branagh is the last esthete, his sense of style, scenographies and shots choices are mind blowing! 
The movie is nearly 2 hours long, but you'll barely notice it, trying to keep up with Poirot's intuitions and witty dialogues. Even if it's mostly filmed during daylight, the entire atmosphere is dark and has a very sad and nostalgic aura: Poirot is old, in need of rests, and the crime he has to deal with has nothing to do with the present, but is connectioned to a painful case of kidnap and homicide. happened years ago.
I think it's a great movie, with an extraordinary and talented cast and I really like Kenneth Branagh is both director's and lead protagonist's roles.

Would I pay the full prize ticket? – Yes, it's surely worth the full price ticket (in Italy it's currently 8€), it's a movie that you appreciate the most if seen in a cinema.

Ranking: 4/5

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