🎬 Movie Review: The Fundamentals of Caring

This might not be the typical Christmas movie, but the message of help and encouragement it spreads is surely something we should all be aware during this time of the year.
Ben is a writer shattered by the sense of guilt for a tragic accident, that made him walk away from his job and his wife and led him to enroll in a course for care giversHe seems to be apathetic and does not fully understand the burden he's about to lean...until he meets his first patient, Trevor.

Trevor, a very intelligent 18 years old boy, is affected by muscular dystrophy, therefore he's forced on a wheelchair and depends entirely on others. The beginning is certainly not the easiest, but with time the two find their balance. Trevor developed an unique and grotesque sense of humour and is passionate about strange world records, specifically the biggest things in the world, and he and Ben decide to embark on an roadtrip to see them all, to finish with the 'biggest hole in the world'.

Along the way they will meet Dot, a runaway, and Peaches, a pregnant sweet girl, who will both join them in their journey. Between weird giant things and personal problems, this road trip will bond Ben and  Trevor forever.

My Opinion👍👎
This is a movie about people's personal growth...people seemed to be lost and that, thanks to an unlikely journey, will rediscover their passions and aspirations, make peace with their past and move on with a positive attitude. The cast is superber, they went along pretty well and are believable. It reminds me of John Green's novel "An Abundance of Katherines", the difference lies in the reasons why the characters embark on the journey.
Care givers are amazing people, but they’re also human and Paul Rudd portrayed Ben (and all his flaws) majesticly.

Would I pay the full prize ticket? – I watched it directly on DVD, but if I went to see it at the movie theathre I’d have not minded paying the full prize ticket.

Ranking: 5/5

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