🎄 Novel of the Week [Christmas Edition]: Christmas Story by Marko Leino

Yesterday was First Sunday of Advent, which means we are only 4 weeks away from Christmas day! Yep, it's that time of the year AGAIN and to celebrate it I want to try with the Novel Of the Week - Christmas Edition I started last year (but failed!) to get you in the right mood for the 25th!
So here's the first novel, Christmas Story by Marko Leino, on the origin of the myth of Santa Claus! 

Likewise the Advent calendar, the story is divided into 25 chapters, one for every day of Advent (so it would be a great idea to read one chapther per day 'til Christmas day!) and it's about a young boy, Nikolas
Orphan of both his parents at a young age, Nikolas is hosted by a family in a small village for an entire year and the next one gets hosted by another family.

Nikolas is a good and willing boy and all the people at the village love him. Every anniversary of his sister's birthday (who died with his parents) Nikolas goes out at night and leaves to the village's children wooden toys he makes himself. But on a particulary rigid and cold winter, nobody is able to host him, due to food difficulties.

So Nikolas decides to leave, but he'll end up living with a solitary man who came to the village just once a year. He'll help Nikolas to improve his skills with the wooden toy and will also lend him his sleigh and reindeer to distribute them in one particular night of the year...

What I liked
This book is the perfect bedtime story! It has suspance, Nikolas is caring and good-hearted. He's also a positive role model given the fact that, even if in difficulties, he doesn't lose hope. The novel is drenched in magic, something that never gets old.

What I did not like
Simply nothing. There is absolutely nothing I didn't like while reading this story.

My Vote: 9/10

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