Cure it with Books/Movies: The Queen of England

Tonight Netflix will air a new show named "The Crown" and, given the title, it can only be about -yours truly- the British Royalty. 
As a matter of fact, the whole plot is about Queen Elizabeth II: from her wedding day (back in 1947) to nowdays. The series is scheduled to be of 6 seasons, but it's better not to get ahead of ourselves. 
The Queen of England isn't new to public, thanks to a lot of movies and books based on her figure, so pour yourself a cup of tea and enjoy!

Elizabeth Elizabeth: the Golden Age (1998 and 2007) by Shekhar Kapur. With Cate Blanchett, Geoffrey Rush, Ralph Finnes (1998) and Clive Owen (2007) 
The Queen (2006) by Stephen Frears. With Helen MirrenMichael SheenJames Cromwell, Alex Jennings and Roger Allam
The Young Victoria (2009) by Jean-Marc Vallée. With Emily Blunt, Rupert Friend, Paul Bettany and Miranda Richardson.
A Royal Night Out (2015) by Julian Jarrold. With Sarah GadonBel PowleyEmily Watson, Rupert Everett and Jack Reynor.
Pomps and Circumstance by Noel Coward - my review HERE
The Royal Nanny by Karen Harper
The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett


Kate Middleton meme...SOON!:
Actresses who also portrayed the Queen of England:
- Judy Dench in "Shakespeare in Love"
- Kristin Scott Thomas in the theatrical play "the Audience"
Penelope Wilton in "The BFG - the Big Friendly Giant"
- Helena Bonham Carter in "the King's Speech"

Helen Mirren played Queen Elizabeth not once, but TWICE: 

- in "The Queen" and won the Academy Award  
 -in the theatrical play "the Audience" in 2013 and won the Olivier Award for her interpretation.

Queen Elizabeth also 'appeared' in a few animated movies like "Cars 2" (as a Rolls-Royce Phantom IV) and "Minions" (where they try to steal her crown).

E! Entrateiment produced a Tv series based approximately on the UK monarchy: it's called the Royals, and third season will air this December. With Elizabeth Hurley playing the Queen of England.

When she was a child, Queen Elizabeth II sufferd of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD): it seems she didn't want to get to sleep until she wasnt done with a ritual with her rocking horses: she took their saddles away from them.

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