Novel of the Week: Suddenly Last Summer (O'Neil Brothers #2) by Sarah Morgan

If you're a mountain lover (even in the summertime) and you're looking for an easy and light romance, then maybe this is your novel! Here's to you Suddenly Last Summer by Sarah Morgan.

Élise Philippe is a French chef and has been living at the Snow Crystal resort for a few years now, thanks to a job offer that Jackson did to her when they met in Paris. 
She's happy there, she feels like she's part of the O'Neil family and found herself some friends as well, like Kayla and Brenna. She has everything under control, in the kitchen and in her personal life...or, to be precise, this was it until Sean showed up in town, after his grandfather had a health problem.

Sean O'Neil (Jackson's 
twin brother) loves his life and job as a sport doctor in Boston; he worked so hard to leave Vermont and the Snow Crystal behind him, after what that place did to his dad...But he can't deny there's at least one thing he likes about it: Élise. They had a brief romance the previous summer and she hasn't been like the other girls Sean dated: she was more than happy with one time thing and didn't bother him after.

Now the two of them have to confront their "demons": for Élise the fear of relationships, after what happened to her in Paris and Sean, on the other hand, the skepticism and coldness of his grandpa, who never quite understood why he left his family.

What I liked

I loved the descripions, they really add a lot to the story. As I already said, if you like mountain romance, this is the one for you. It also deal with a serious problem of Élise and it's not superficial nor described in a easy and novelettish way.
It's also fun and a quick read, perfect for summer!

What I did not like
Out of the three books, this was my least favourite. It lacks of the atmosphere and romance you can find in the other two books, but I don't think that is the setting the problem. The finale is pretty much the same as "Sleigh Bells in the Snow" (ok, we got it: their are twins, but a hoped for something different).

Anyway, if you want a light romance, this is not a bad choice!

My Vote: 6/10

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