Novel Of The Week [Christmas Edition]: Maybe This Christmas by Sarah Morgan

I decided that, since Christmas is only 4 weeks away, to post only reviews of "winter holidays" themed books, instead of doing a single post with my suggestions.
Hope you'll like it! 
left and center: the English covers and left: the Italian one

This is the third novel of the "O'Neil Brothers" series, but thankfully they all can be read independently and this is a wonderful news for me because (AS ALWAYS!!) I didn't know it was a serie and I went straight to read the last one...I'm hopeless!
Here's my review and thought on Maybe This Christmas by Sarah Morgan
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Tyler O'Neil is a former USA National pro skiier, after a bad shoulder injure ended his carrer. Now he's an instructor at his family resort, Snow Crystal, and dad of a 13 year old girl, Jess.
He's slowly adjusting to his new life and routine with humour and lightheartedness, but with the help of his family he's doing fine.

His new status as a dad is a bit harder: Jess is a teenager, complete of everything that comes with it: she seems to have troubles at school, but doesn't want to talk about it. All she cares about is skiing and make her dad proud.

Helping with this, there's Brenna Daniels. Tyler's longtime best friend, Brenna's a caring person, always ready to help others and give them advices...but seeing Tyler every single day is a uncomfortable situation and it will be even more difficult when the resort will be all booked and she'll have to live with Tyler and Jess for the holidays...

What I liked
This novel is festive, happy and "cute"! I loved that the characters were described in a realistic way and not idealized: they're have their strengths and fears, make up their minds and try to help their friends.
What I did not like
I didn't like the end, I think it was too rushed, simplistic and improbable, but the novel itself is so well written that I immediately started reading the other one set during winter time, "Sleigh Bells in the Snow"! 
The O'Neil family and Snow Crystal really got me! 

My Vote: 7¾ /10

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