Novel of the Week: Built by Jay Crownover

Zebulon? Really, Jay??
If you thought Marked Men protagonists names were...unusual, to say at least, be prepared for a whole new level as you start Saints of Denver! Here's to you Built by Jay Crownover. [spoiler free]
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The basics are the same as the ones in Marked Men series: both the protagonists have some issues and a turbulent past, they somehow happen to get to know each other, the fall for each other but there's always something holding them back when, eventually, it doesn't anymore...

In this book we have family layer Sayer Cole, half sister of our beloved Rowdy St.James. She left everything (and everyone) she had in Seattle and moved to Denver to find her brother. After an initial distrust, the two of them start to bonding...and that's when Zeb comes in the scene.

Zebulon "Zeb" Fuller is an ex-con who turned himself in a general contractor and we met him briefly in Rowdy's novel. Sayer hires him to fix her new apartment, but nothing happens between them, until Zeb gets an unexpected visit from his past and find out he's now in need of Sayers professional skills.

What I liked
If you liked Crownover's previous books, you want be disappointed with this one either. It's probably one of the funniest I've ever read of the author and it's more than just be precise, I belive is more about family and how people who were supposed to love and protect you at times can be more cruel and unfeeling than a total stranger. It's about abusive relationships survivor and their journey to feel better, with themselves and others.

What I did not like
"Never change a winning team" seems to be Crownover's motto...As I wrote up, the scheme is the same old one but, even if you know already from the very begging that it'll likely end up in one way, it's always a pleasent read.

My Vote: 7/10

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