Jennifer Lawrence vs Bianca Balti

If there's an Italian brand celebs worldwide like as much as Valentino, that is for sure Dolce&Gabbana...and I don't blame them!
American actress Jennifer Lawrence is testimonial for Dior, so it's rare to see her wearing other designers creations. One of these rare times was last November, when she wore this sheer black lace Dolce&Gabbana dress while going to the book launch of Tim Palen - Photographs from ‘The Hunger Games’, while she was in London promoting the movie.
Three months after, on February 28th, Italian top model Bianca Balti attended Dolce&Gabbana A/W 2016 runway show, as part of the Milan Fashion Week, wearing the same piece.

Who do you think wore it better:
Jennifer Lawrence or Bianca Balti?

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  1. I love Jeniffer's outfit more, because it looks longer! Amazing looks!

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Well this outfit is stunning on both of them, but I think Bianca styled it better with the dark lipstick.
      Have a great week end as well and Happy Easter!!