The Postman Always Rings Twice #3

Here my library's new entries for February/March ...I'm overwhelmed for all of them! Keep reading if you want to know why...or if you're just curious about the front covers! 
This past two months were a total triumph when it came to books exchanges: I got this amazing edition of Ragione e Sentimento (Sense and Sensibility) by yours truly Jane Austen, which looks like it came from some Disney movie's library! 
The other book is Gridare Amore al Centro del mondo (Socrates in Love) by Kyoichi, this novel needs an explanation: I read the ebook as soon as I finished reading "Me before You" by Jojo Moyes and it was a revelation, so I decided I wanted it in paperback!! Soon I'll post the review, so for now you can admire the cover.
A special and huge THANKS goes to Lidia, who gave me 'Gridare Amore al Centro del Mondo'...She is likely the sweetest and kindest girl I've ever exchanged books with and, not only the book was in perfect conditions, but she also wrote a little note for me and made such an amazing art work on the envelope, I almost didn't want to open it!! 
So, thank you Lidia!!!
Last Christmas both my aunt and my sister & brother got me the same book, so - long story short - I got 2 books for the same price of the one changed.
These are L'ultimo dei Mohicani (The Last of the Mohicans) by James Fenimore Cooper. To be honest I wanted '20 thousand Leagues under the Sea' by Jules Verne in this edition, but there wasn't in the library and since I never saw the movie...
Oltre i Segreti is nothing more than the Italian version of Nash by Jay Crownover (you can read my review HERE). I already have the English ebook version, but I loved it so much that I had to have it in paperback.!

I could not be more satisfied about these new books...thanks for reading!

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