Novel Of The Week - Amazonia by James Rollins

I first "met" James Rollins by reading Deep Fathom a while ago and, since I liked his narration so much, I decided to read another of his novels.
So here's to you the plot of Amazonia by James Rollins:
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A dying man comes out from the Amazon and is rescued by a missionary priest, who tries his best to save him, but without any success. The dead stranger turned out to be Gerald Clark, a military who took part to an expedition that has been considered missing for 4 years...Two questions have to be answered: where have he been all these years, but more important: his arm was amputated after a mission in Iraq years before the Amazon expedition, how can he have both now?

The CIA decides to send a special team in order to answer these questions: Kelly and Frank O'Brien, brother and sister. She's the doctor and he's the chief of the expedition. Then there's Richard Zane, researcher for Tellux Pharmaceutical, a pharmaceutical company. 
First thing they have to do when in Brazil is find doctor Nathan Rand (the son of the leader of lost researchers) and Manuel "Manny" Azevedo; they live and work with several indios tribes, so know very well how to move in the forest.

In the Amazon, the team will find every kind of obstacles during their expediction: from hungry and unknow animal species to Amazon's natives' hostility. Plus a group of mercenaries hired by a Tellux's competitor, who wants the regenerating cure for themselves.
Meanwhile in the U.S, a mysterious plague affect old people and children and it seems that the cure may be the same one that has regenerated Gerald Clark's arm.

When they find out what happened to the previous expediction and an unbelievable discovery about how Clark's arm was regenerated, their journey back to civility seem to be even more difficult than their coming. 

This is a great novel, full of mistery, pathos and revenge. Maybe the conclusion is a bit too sci-fi for me, but it fits with the whole story!
The characters were well designed and the dialogues brilliants, so all I can do is highly reccomend it to you to read!

My vote: 9/10

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