Best&Worst Moms in Movies

Today (here in Italy) is Mother's Day! We are all well aware of the sacrifice our mothers DAILY do for us....they are always with us, cheering for our successes and helping us whie we're going trough bad times and experiences.

So I thought it would be fun to make a list of best and worst mothers in movies...clumsy, loud, lazy or overprotective, we can aways count on them! Here's my list of good and bad, let me know what you think! Maybe you can take inspiration for a "family night" watching movie and spending some time with your mothers!

1 Paz Vega in "Spanglish" - Moves from Mexico to US (she doesn't even speak English)  for the chance of a better life for her daughter
Geraldine Somerville in "Harry Potter" saga - Thaks to her love and sacrifice, Harry Potter can survive 7 books and 8 movies! 
3 Sarah Jessica Parker in "I Don't Know How She Does It" - working mom, enough said!
4 Diane  Keaton in "Because I Said So" - Overprotective to her younger daughter's love life
5 Kristin Scott Thomas in "The Horse Whisperer" - She's sometimes too hard on her daughter, but that helped her going through her injury
6 Susan Sarandon in "Anywhere But Here" - She's more a friend than a mom
Brenda Blethyn in "Pride & Prejudice - TOO apprehensive and suffocating, all she can think of is a good marriage for her daugthers
8 Rachel Weisz in "Lovely Bones" - After her daughter's murder, she has a break down and leaves her family, but eventually came back
9  Meryl Streep in "Kramer versus Kramer" - She doesn't love her husband anymore, but leaves her son too!
10 Mo'Nique in "Precious" - Not only let her partner to physically abuse her daughter, she attacks her verbally and physically TOO! 

---- best moms ever!
---- they're trying their best
---- they screw things up, but we love them anyway....
---- worst moms ever!

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