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File:About Time Poster.jpgAbout Time (2013) by Richard Curtis. With Domhnall GleesonRachel McAdams and Bill Nighy.

It seems to me that Rachel McAdams loves acting in movies where the principal theme is time-travelling (do you remember "The Time Traveler's Wife"?) Well, here's a comedy about it BUT! I've to warn you that if you think you'll know what the protagonist's going to choose, you'll pre surprised because this movie is so unpredictable!

Here's the story (SPOILER ALLEART!!)

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At the age of 21, Tim's father reveals him that all the males in their family have the ability to travel through time. They can't change world history, only theirs. At first, Tim believes that his father is pranking him but, after trying to focus on a particular day and ACTUALLY being transported in that day, he has to change his mind...

The summer after discovering of this ability, Tim falls in love with Charlotte, his sister's friend, who came to spend the holidays with him and his family...Even if he had been charming and not clumsy as he always is, Charlotte still doens't like him back and, at the end of summer, she leaves. Now Tim realises that not everything can be changed by using time travelling.
About Time

After a while, Tim moves to London to work as a lawyer and for a certain period of time he stays at Harry's house. Harry is Tim's father's friend and he's quite gruff and isteric as he's trying to finish his theatrical play. 

One night, Tim's going to dinner with his friend Jay at the Dans le Nois, a restaurant where you dine in complete darkness. There they find themselves sit next to two beautiful female voices and they decided to meet face to face after dinner. So when they're out the restaurant Tim finally meets Mary. They exchange their phone numbers and Tim goes home happy. But it won't last long because, when he gets in, Tim finds Harry desperate: an actor forgot the lines and the whole play was a failure. Tim goes back in time and fixes it but when his about to call Mary, he can't find her number... He goes back in time more than once, but finally gets to know her again and they fall in love.

The rest of the movie is about Tim and Mary's everyday life, with its ups and downs, like the birth of their first daughter Posy or the alcohol problems of Kit Kat (Tim' sister).

I really don't know what to say about this movie. I thought it was the same old Brithis comedy, but I couldn't be more wrong! It has everything you could want in a movie: amazing actors, a story with problems that everyone can relate to (except for the time travel ability, I suppose), a terrific screenplay and beautiful photography. It also has a splendid story about father/son relationship that almous made me cry...Bill Nighy is at his best!
This movie is a "must see"!

Raking : 5 /5

p.s: I knew I've already seen him somewhere!! Tim's friend Jay is Will Merrick from Skin's (3rd generation)

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