Novel Of The Week - Fallen by Lauren Kate

I was on holiday when I saw the paper campaign of Fallen by Lauren Kate two years ago and, since there was just the title and the name of the author, the only thing I could judge this book for was its cover…in some ways it intrigued me, so when I came back home I decided to read it.

Here’s the plot :
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Lucinda “Luce” Price is a 16 years old girl, but she couldn’t be more far from the typical teenager stereotypes. She's able to see some sort of shadows and because of them a student of her previous school died, so her parents made her change school and send her to Sword & Cross, a "correctional" institute where students are monitored by cameras and the teacher are very strict.
Luce is shy, but she immediately socialize with a very wierd and outgoing girl, Arrianne, who introduces Luce to some other students. 

One day, during a class break, Luce meets Daniel Grigori, a very good looking guy who immediately starts hating her without reason. Then she meets Cam, another handsome guy who, contrariwise,treats her kindly.

Luce is confused about the feelings she starts to prove for both the guys and decide to do some reasearch to understand why Daniel is so harsh to her. She finds out that Daniel, as well as Arrianne, Cam and a few other guys and girls, are fallen angels and somehow she's involved with their fall from Heaven...

I adore Christian mythology and whe it is mixed with a good romance story, I can no loger resist! I absolutely recomment it... but! You have also the choise not to read it and wait to see it. In fact, next year the movie based on the book is going to hit theatre!!!

My vote : 8/10

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