Novel of the Week - Evening in Paris by Nicolas Barreau

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After I read  and adore "The Ingredients of Love", I read his second book and I have to admit that it wasn't good like the first one. But I didn't give up and I'm pleased to intruduce you "One evening in Paris" by Nicolas Barreau.

Here's the plot  (a little SPOILER ALLEART):
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Alain Bonnard's the owner of a petit movie theatre in Paris named Cinéma Paradis, in honor of Giuseppe Tornatore's "Nuovo Cinema Paradiso", that was Alain's uncle favourite movie.

Every Wednesday there's the "Romance movie" night, a serie of the most famous romantic movies of all the times choose by Alain . And invariably every Wednesday a mysterious girl (always dressed with a red coat) shows up and sits in a seat of the 17th row. After a few month of looks and smiles, Alain finally invites her out and after taking her back home, they kiss and promise to see each other again the next Wednesday.

Later that week another unbelievable thing happened : NYC director Allan Wood, with French actress Soléne Avril, came to Cinéma Paradis and asked Alain to shoot a few scene from his upcoming movie "Remember Paris". Alain accepts, but his mind is only for the girl with the red coat....But when Wednesday arrives, she doesn't show up...indeed she seems to be vanished. Alain doesn't give up and start looking for her, help by his friend Robert (who's skeptical about this girl who doesn't want to be found) and surprisingly also by Allan Wood and Solène.

Eventually Alain finds her, but he could have never tought that so many people, memories and old grudges would have been involved!

I liked this book, when you think it's end another event distorts everything and the protagonist has to start all over again! Maybe it's too much tangled, but it's still a very cute novel and it has some good advises if you want to watch an old romantic movie!

My vote : 7½/10

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