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                            Tokyo - Japan


I always wanted  to visit Japan during spring, when cheery trees are blooming....In the city of  Tokyo, people reunited in Uerno park under those trees and have picnics. That sounds relaxing!!

I want to know more about their culture and traditions plus I've seen a lot of photos and heard from friends who visited Japan that there are quite a few majestic temples. 

Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan By Steven Kona Simao          Shakujii Tokyo, Japan -- Repinned by Gold Suites Vacation Rentals #travel

Sakura @ Ueno, Tokyo, Japan
Sakura at Ueno park  Tokyo

Mt. Fuji, Japan
one of the most famous mountains in the world, Mont Fuji
Mont Fuji actually is 113 km from Tokyo (but its top is visible even from there), it certainly worth a visit...or two!

Tokyo, Japan      Tokyo, Japan by Kamal Zharif Kamaludin

japanese Zen garden - "An essential factor in any Zen garden is the concept of "Yin and Yang". Buddhists view them as complimentary forces and any Zen garden always contains a Yin and Yang element, though it is crucial to achieve some sort of balance between the two. In any Zen garden landscape the most important natural elements are stones, sand, water and plants"    Beautiful Life  - Tokyo tower, Japan

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