the Cat's Cafè


Les Cafè de Chats recently opened in 16, rue Michel Le Comte, (Marais district) in Paris. It's a cafè where you can relax, have some hot beverages, read newspaper or books while cuddling a cat. It's a "molten's treatment" for people who loves cats, but can't have one of their own.

It's not an original French's ideas, as a matter of fact it's Japanese's. The first Neko Cafè (cat's cafè) opened in 1998 in Taiwan, then in Osaka in 2004. Japanese people loved the idea and now there're over 100. The first european cafè of this kind opened in Wien, then in Budapest and now in Paris...

These cats are all homeless, they have been spayed and neutered and all the hygiene standards are respected.
This type of cafès were thought for cat's lovers who can't have one due to the strict apartment rules or any other kind of restriction.

Personally, I'm more into dogs, but I find this idea cute, helpfull for the homeless cats and an original way to combine the love for animals to work prospectives. The only rules are NOT to feed the animals, leave them alone if they are eating or sleeping and not force them to come to you.

All the cats adoptable!!!! (Les cafè de chats website) (Cat's Cafè website - in Wien)

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