Novel Of The Week - The ingredients of Love by Nicolas Barreau

Almost two years ago I found myself in a library (NOT  a strange fact, after all) and wandering around bookshelfs my eyes were captured by a very fancy and “parisienne style” book cover. I have to say that I’m not the “I only read romance novels” kind of girl… Au contraire I love thrillers and books that analyze the dark side of the human behavior, but I do also insanely love Paris and this novel had the Tour Eiffel on the book cover, so I HAD TO buy it… The title is The ingredients of Love by Nicolas Barreau.

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The story sets (as I said) in Paris and follows the live of “Le Temps des cerises”  restaurant owner Aurélie Bredin. The novel starts with her coming back home and find a note written by her boyfriend. He was breaking up with her because he found someone else that loves more than Aurélie. Desperate and lonely, Aurélie went out for a walk, got surprised by rain and sheltered in a book shop. Here the old owner reccomended her a book and Aurélie found that the protagonist is anyone Aurélie herself! After reading the book in one night all she wants is to meet the author and thank him for helping her through a ruff moment, such as the break up with her ex boyfriend.

Trying to contact the shy English author, Aurélie meets his  French publisher (and company’s chief editor), André, and gives him an enthusiastic letter and asks if he could send it to the author.

André, who’s actually the real author of the book is flattered by the letter and wants to tell Aurélie the truth….but everytime he tries to tell her, something goes wrong and he’s forced to find another moment. At the end the fall in love with each other, but only after a big misunderstanding that almost caused the permanent departure of Aurélie from Paris to the north of France.

The novel is well written, the dialogues are funny and witty…there are also some amazing descriptions of Paris’ places and people. I enjoyed it very much!

My vote  9/10

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