🎬 Movie Review: Borg/McEnroe

I've been waiting for this movie (and 'Battle of the Sexes' as well) for the entire year, I've been able to watch them both and they didn't disappoint me!
Wimbledon, 1980

The movie focuses on Borg/McEnroe Wimbledon's final match in 1980, but run through both tennis players lives to that very moment: their backgrouds (Björn Borg came from a lower mid class Swedish family, while John Patrick McEnroe's one was wealthy) were as different as their characters: McEnroe was turbulent and easy to anger, Borg could strike for piece of ice, he was calm and quiet, almost sphinxlike.

In 1980 Borg, by the age of 24, was number 1 in the official singles ranking and was looking for his 5th title on Wimbledon's grass, consecutive!

McEnroe was a promise of  US tennis, left-handed and he was 2nd in the ranking. Still, he was mainly known for his arrogant attitude and ongoing discussions with court judges.
Wimbledon is an elitè place, the only Grand Slam tournament with a dress code and so it was predictable that British preferred detached and inscrutable players like Borg instead of an hothead like McEnroe.
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From the first match we discover every little tick, superstitions and rituals of both and the sacrifices they've made to reach the top of their game, thanks to flashbacks.

My Opinion👍👎

First things first: Sverrir Gudnason is Borg's doppelganger! There's no other plausible explanation for their incredible resemblance!
Beside that, the movie is AMAZING! It was like sitting on Central Court, enjoying the game and I had to remember myself I was in a movie theater instead.
The recreation of the 80's is just perfect and both Sverrir Gudnason and Shia LaBeouf are terrific in their roles!
The only thing I didn't like were the close-ups (the lasted too long)...they should have given depth to the moment, ehm...mission not accomplished.
Overall the screenplay was great and it has been amazing to see the characters insecurities and hopes.

Would I pay the full prize ticket? The movie is worth it, definitely! It's a piece of tennis story and the fans will surely appreciate it.

Ranking: 4/5

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