📺 Korean Tv Series Review: Master's Sun (주군의 태양)

I discovered only recently Korean drama/comedies and I must say they're both touching and addictive. I just finish this series, Master's Sun (it's only 17 episode and self-conclusive) and I'm already searching for a new one...if you have any suggestion, do SHARE!!
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Tae Gong-shil once was a brilliant student, with tons of interests and friends. Her name literally means "Big Sun" and she was supposed to become really successfull, but a terrible accident made her fell into coma and, waking up, she was no longer the same...she was able to see ghosts! 
Since then she hasn't been able to live a normal life: once the ghosts understood she could see them, they'd follow her and ask her for favors/help with pending issues, making it impossible for her to keep on studying, not to mention keeping a job....or sleeping, that's why she looks like a ghost herself.
Everything changed one stormy night, when she met Joo Jоong-wonwho's CEO of the Kingdom Enterprises and a very rude man. His past is no picnic either and, growing up, he became cold and arrogant, someone who doesn't want anybody to touch him...and that could be a problem since Tae Gong-shil must touch him to make the ghosts go away!
As ridiculous as it sound, President Joo tries his best to get rid of her, but eventually he'll have to change his mind when his ex-girlfriend's ghost took control of Tae Gong's body. After that, the two of them will form the most unlikely of the teams: Tae Gong is going to report to President Joo whenever his ex will appear and he will be her 'shield' when ghosts become to scary to bear...

Secondary character are Kang Woo, the mall's chief of security and Tae Gong's flat mate and actress/model Tae Yi-ryung, an old friend of Tae Gong.

Each episode will lead one step closer to solve President Joo secrets from his past, while helping ghosts to finally be free from what hold them on Earth and their still living loved ones to go on with their lives.

My Opinion👍👎
I stumbled into the review of this series while scrolling a blog I follow and I was skeptical about starting a Korean tv series: their acting is way different compared of what I'm used to (too much theatrical and exasperated) and I thought the whole thing was a eastern remake of "Ghost Whisperer"...WRONG,WRONG WRONG!
Master's Sun if funny, well written and directed and after an "easy" start, the plots get thicker and discuss of difficult and various argoments.

Before I finish I'd like to say two things: 
  1. Chief Secretary Kim is my homie! He's President Joo's right-hand man: beside helping him with daily work stuff, he's some sort of 'talking cricket', giving him another point of view (who's not as cinical as Joo's one) and advices that are always useful. Even so, he has his 'dark side' and secrets as well and will cause one or two problems to our protagonists.
  2. SPOILER!! 9 episodes to finally get the first kiss between Tae Gong and President Joo, and in the after episod he allegedly marries...another girl? That escalated quickly, and in a logical way,  I'd add!

If you'd like something new, that mixes drama and comedy, that will make you want to watch 17 episodes straight, Master's Sun is what you're looking for.

I loved how naïve and full of good intentions Tae Gong is and how much President Joo changes inwardly, while remaining the rational, and sometimes annoying, person he's outwardly.
The stories are full of surprises and plot twists, human and ghosts characters come in and out the protagonist's lives and somehow leave a mark in them. 

Soundtrack's songs choices couldn't be more appropriate and my favourite thing to do while starting a new episode was...to guess what clothes colour choices would have made President Joo that time...

and THESE are the sober outfits😂

Ranking: 3¾ /5

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