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So the 8TH!!! Fast and Furious movie recently hit theaters and of course, I went to see it! This time the villain is no other than Charlize Theron, and in a worldwide renowned franchise based on fast cars, she doesn't drive...
There's a saying that women are less better drivers than men and, frankly, I belive is a false myth! There are people who are more skilled drivers than others and sometime these are men, sometimes women. Period!

To prove that here's my list of way too highly skilled drivers in movies...needlees to say, they're all women! Enjoy!

Audrey Tautou in The Da Vinci Code - In the scene where Professor Langdon and Sophie Neveu arrives to the American Ambassy, but police is waiting for them Sophie drives her Smart like a pro! She jumps on sidewalks, drives backwards and still no damages on the car and/or no harm for the people inside it.
Brooke Langton in The Replacements - Annabelle Farrell is the a cheerleader for the Washington Sentinels and gives a ride to the new quaterback, Shane Falco (Keanu Reeves) and while talking football she hit just a little bit the gas pedal.

Victoria Beckham in Spice World - being late for their own sold out concert, running out of time and of a bus driver, Victoria Beckham (then Adams) steps in and decides to drive Spice Girls luxurious double decker tour bus by herself. It maybe not the safest driver performance but they all arrive at the concert unharmed.

Jordana BrewsterMichelle Rodriguez, Gal Gadot and Nathalie Kelley in the Fast and Furious saga - the girls of the saga proves they have what it takes to win races (and hearts of their fellow co protagonists). From Mia Toretto and Letty Ortiz (1st movie), to Neela (3rd movie, Tokyo Drift) to Gisele (5th movie, in Rio), they all are skilled and ready to amaze with both knowledge and techiniques. 

Charlize Therone in The Italian Job - joining his late father's gang to steal some gold from Steve (Edward Norton), Stella Bridger proves she's both beutiful, smart and a talented driver...she parks a MINI in a parking space after a bike leaves!
Risultati immagini per charlize theron the italian job

Sandra Bullock in Speed - wanting it or not, Annie Porter finds herself driving a bus in Los Angeles traffic and, if this isn't impressive enough already, she has to keep up to a certain speed in order to not make the bomb that's on the bus explode.
Risultati immagini per speed movie sandra bullock

So, what's your experience with women driving? Comment if I missed some major movie female driving performances!

Photo credits: turnloosetheswans.com & joesmoviestuff.blogspot.it
Video credits: youtube.com

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