๐Ÿ“– Novel of the Week: Charged by Jay Crownover

And finally here's my review of the Saints of Denver second book, Charged by Jay Crownover!
US book cover vs  Italian book cover

The events in this story starts from where we left Asa (Marked Men #6) and begins with Avett Walker in jail, after been arrested for helping her ex boyfriend to robber the Bar. Lost her cocky attitude, she's scared to death and sees no way out this bad situation. Fortunately for her, Asa calls in the best lawyer in Denver, Quaid Jackson. He’s a pitbull in court and, actually, isn’t much different on his private side: cheated by his ex wife, he sorrounds himself of luxury just to prove others how much he worths.

Obviously, such different personalities will make Avett and Quaid start with the wrong foot, but that doesn’t prevent Quaid to make charges drop on Avett and she’s free again. That would be it, the two of them apparently don’t have any reason to see each other again, yet…the the prospect of a new trial for Avett, this time as a witness, and the growing curiosity toward her make Quaid do something he never did: caring of his client and offering her is legal support whenever she'll need it.

But one night, Avett is home, alone, and gets suspicious by a black car parked in her street...Apparently no one is in there, but there's something odd about it, so calls Quaid to come and check. Needless to say, the moment Quaid gets close the car, it runs away.

Seems like Avett will need Quaid's help one more time...

What I liked ๐Ÿ‘
In "Built" we saw (briefly) Rowdy and Salem again, in this novel it's time to meet up with Asa and Rome, since Avett is somehow connected to these two. Plus we get to know both characters who'll be protagonists in the next two books: Dash "Church" Churchill and Hudson Wheeler. As always, the POV is both from Avett and Quaid's sides but the new element in Charged is that one chapter is from Church's prospective and that has been quite a surprise!

What I did not like๐Ÿ‘Ž
There's nothing I didn't like, but I'm not 100% convinced about the reasons why Avett acts the way she does...I feel like the author could have done better by describing her torments and her way to redeem herself.

From what I already knew about Avett and Quaid, I was pretty sure I would have hate the two of them and so the novel...I was wrong: having explained the character's backgrounds and having to see the bigger picture I enjoyed this book, but not as much as "Built".

My Vote: 6

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