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First movie of this 2017 for me has been "Passengers" by Morten Tyldum. It's a space romance/thriller and I didn't pay too much attention on anything that wasn't the main actors: Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt and Michael Sheen...
I needed a few days to decide whether I liked this movie or not, read through my review and opinions to find it out!
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In the near future, humanity CAN travel in space to create colonies on other planets, thanks to technologically advanced spaceships; these machines are able to drive themselves to the determined destination and also to auto repair any damage it may happen on the way: that because this travels take several years to end, so crew and guests are under controlled ibernation until they are just a few months away from the colony.

In collision with a group of asteroids, the spaceship suffers of more problems than expected and will cause James "Jim" Preston early awakening (by 'early' I mean 90 YEARS before schedule!). Understandably shattered, Jim does literally anything to try to fix the malfunction, without success.

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The only other 'person' onboard is Arthur, the android barkeeper, that will make Jim feel a bit less alone and when he finally gives up and accepts the situation, Jim decides to enjoy all the spaceship's comforts and amenities; one year later, he's falling apart and gets so close to make an extreme gesture...that's when he finds a capsule, with a splendid young woman in it, Aurora.
He tries to resist, but in the end tampers with Aurora's capsule and wakes her up, feeling guilty and relieved not being alone anymore at the same time.
After an idilliac period knowing and falling for each other, eventually Aurora finds out the truth about her awakening, but that will be the least of hers and Jim's problems... 
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My Opinion

The story is good and th special effects are terrific! They did a great job casting Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt (even if he's a bit stuck doing the same kind of character, the good/funny guy whom eventually will save us all...not that I'm complaning!) but the best interpretation is Michael Sheen's android: he was fantastic, I think he really portrayed Arthur masterfully. 
I really didn't like the finale at all, though. I would have loved a shorter amount of problems for Jim and Aurora with a more elaborated conclusion.

Would I have paid the total priced ticket for seeing it? Not 100% sure, but I paid the discount one and I think it was worth it, I left the movie a bit puzzled about the ending but it left me positive vibes overall.

Ranking: 3

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