Novel Of The Week: Dragonfly in Amber #2 by Diana Gabaldon

Gabaldon's Italian editor decided to split her books, starting right with Dragonfly in Amber, so that we have book nr.1 (Dragonfly in Amber) and book nr.2 (literally transled as "The Comeback"). 
It starts when Jamie and Claire get back to Scotland and home in Lallybroch...
Ladies and gentlemen, here's my review of  Dragonfly in Amber #2 by Diana Gabaldon.
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Jaime and Claire are back home, in Lallybroch and their lives just started to get its routine when a dispatch arrives: it's a declaration of war against England, in order to restore the rightful King on the throne, signed by Bonnie Prince Charles and a few Highland's clans, included Jaime! 

So Jaime is forced to join Charle's army and Claire doesn't hesitate to follow. After the first encouraging Scots victory iPrestonpans, Edinburgh is soon occupied....but one of the following nights Claire is 'kidnapped' by Captain "Black Jack" Randall and brought in a filthy little room where she meets Randall' sick brother, Alex. The Captain asks Claire to help his brother (if not even cure him) and, in exchange, he'll provide informations on the Redcoats movements.

Those informations happened to be quite useful, but when winter came, Jaime and Claire are sent by Prince Charles to reclame the men promised by Lord Lovat, Jaime's grandfather, who is everything but an adorable old man: sneaky and arrogant, always looking for his best interest, only after a while will give Jaime what he came for.

But troubles are not order to save all the Fraser and McKenzie's men, surrounded by redcoats and confined in a church in Stirling, Claire sacrifices herself and claim she's a British widow kidnapped by the Scots. The redcoats make a deal and trade Claire with all the men's freedom, and escort her somewhere the soldiers claim to be a safer place for an English woman: Villa Bellhurst, property of no other than the Duke of Sandringam himself. Waiting for Jaime to come and rescue her Claire makes interesting and baffling discoveries...

What I liked
I liked this part more than the first half because, lets face it, Paris is magical but that doesn't even start to cover Scotland! This part is of course bloodier than the Paris part because the rebellion has started. Beside the descriptions, I think the characters have been brought to an higher new level with their personalities and their adventures...and the author gave more space to secondary characters like Murtagh, who's my personal favourite!

What I did not like
It is hard sometimes to keeping up with all the characters and situations, even if Diana Gabaldon gives us a reminder everytime we have a new/old character coming in the scene.

The series is becoming one of my personal favourite every book I read: it is well written, the characters are various and they all have their "shades of grey", pros and cons. If I had to suggest a book saga, I'd suggest this.

My vote: 8/10

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