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A month ago, more or less, I was reading a movie magazine and one of the articles caught my attention: promoting "Suicide Squad", the journalist asked to a few actors of the TV serie 'Gomorra' to name their best villain, whether he/she was from a movie, a book or anywhere else...and one of them answered "God, from the Old Testament": cruel, vindictive and acted like a real mob boss.

I don't know why, but I immediately thought about Morgan Freeman's God in both "Bruce Almighty" & "Evan Almighty". His God was far away from the brutal one of the Old Testament, so I decide to do a list of books and movies where God (the Catholic one, at least) is portrayed both as good or bad.

Some of this movies are more about Jesus than God, but hey! he's his son anyway (again, for the Catholics). 



Oh, God! (1977) by Carl Reiner. With John Denver, George Burns, Teri Garr and Ralph Bellamy. 
Life of Brian (1979) by Terry Jones. With Graham ChapmanJohn CleeseMichael Palin and Carol Cleveland.
Dogma (1999) by Kevin Smith. With Linda Fiorentino, Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Jason Lee.
Bruce Almighty (2003) by Tom Shadyac. With Jim Carrey, Morgan Freeman and Jennifer Aniston.

7 km to Jerusalem (2007) by Claudio Malaponti. With Luca Ward, Alessandra Barzaghi, Alessandro Etrusco e Alessandro Haber.
The Brand New Testament (2015) by Jaco Van Dormael. With Pili GroyneBenoît PoelvoordeCatherine Deneuve and François Damiens

The Second Coming by John Niven
The Childhood of Jesus by J. M. Coetzee  

All of the movies listed above (beside 7 km to Jerusalem) are comedies and/or parodies about God, but they're all about beliving in something and someone we cannot fully understand. 

Now, tell me...have you seen some of these movies or read the books? Do you have any other  God's movie I forgot to mention?

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