Novel Of The Week: A Different Blue by Amy Harmon

A Different Blue by Amy Harmon
the English & Italian covers
If you follow my IG or my "Mailbox" posts then you'll remember I won the Italian edition of A Different Blue by Amy Harmon on a giveaway, earlier this year. It took me a while to decide to read it, which eventually I did, and here is my review and thoughts!
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Blue Echohawk may be 19 years old...or 20. Her biological parents could still be alive and looking for her, or not caring about her faith...she doesn't know. Blue has no clue who she is and where she comes from. Jimmy, who she thought was her father, 'left' her as well...

Living near Las Vegas with Jimmy' stepsister, Blue behaves letting nothing and no one anywhere near her heart. At school, she's known as a easy girl and gives teachers hard times during classes with her sarcastic replies and rude attitude. But the new history teacher, Darcy Wilson, doesn't buy it.  He's certain Blue is more than what she wants others to think about her and when he tries to help her unleash her talent as artist/wood sculptress, Blue starts to making a living out of it.

Suddenly, Blue's life takes an unpredictable twist and she decides she wants to know what happened to her mother: this journey has its ups and downs, but with Wilson's constant help and support, Blue will finally get answers about her past.

What I liked
Blue's transformation from indifferent bad girl to sensible artist isn't all of a sudden, but more a step-to-step process and that gives credibility to the story. There're no such thing as 'boring moments' in this novel and the writing style is simple and immediate.

What I did not like
The final part was a shock and I don't want to do spoilers, but it reserves a lot of surprises. So why it's in the things I disliked? Because, even if it's original and works fine with the story line, I found the finale a bit over the edge.

This was my second Amy Harmon's novel that I read and I'm amazed who great she is. Her books are bittersweet because even the protagonists have to deal with bad situations and sometimes go through a lot before the end up in their safe heaven. Recommended to anybody who wants a story that doesn't end 'happly ever after' style, but with a new beginning.

My vote: 9/10

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